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The best friend of a Maximo administrator is... SQL. It's time to change this! Maximo Query+ extends the capabilities of Maximo in everything related to user queries, result sets and conditional expressions so that you don't have to leave Maximo and experiment with the database.

Outstanding Features

Condional Expression Development

Test your conditional expressions as if you were a particular user. The best way to develop and debug conditional expressions.

Debug Data Restrictions

Debug complex data restrictions by testing what a specific user would see.

Real Default Application Filters

Set real application filters for your users. We say real because they actually show up as filters when using an application. Default application filters in Maximo the way they should have always been.

Manage Users' Default Queries

See and set the default queries of your users individually or per groups.

Accent Sensitive Searches

Enable Accent Insensitive Searches to find locations and people with non-English names. The solution if you want to find José but can't write the accent.

Manage All Queries

This feature will make sdministrators able to see and edit their users' queries in order to provide adequate technical support.

Relationships in Result Sets

Show columns from the object's relationships in the result sets in any start center.

Manage Deployment of Start Centers

Deploy the latest version of a start enter to all users, per user or per group, and see what users have older versions.

Auto-update KPIs and Result Sets

Set specific KPIs and result sets in start centers to refresh automatically every few seconds.

Enhanced Maximo Technology

Enhanced Maximo Technology

Maximo Query+ enhances the technology already present in Maximo. If your records already have images, they will be used automatically.

Use Maximo security


Decide who can use each feature according to your needs using the Security Groups in Maximo.



Maximo Query+ will work in any IBM Maximo 7.5.x installation based on a Oracle or Microsoft SQL database. It is application server agnostic, so it will work on any version of IBM WebSphere and Oracle BEA WebLogic.

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