Book: Implementing Maximo 7.5

A complete guide to installing and configuring IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5

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A complete guide to set up a typical installation of IBM Maximo 7.5 for an organization and to mantain and configure it with the best practices of the industry.



Install WebSphere and Maximo in a server and configure its database. Maximo will be operating sooner than you expect!

Best Practices

The book follows and explains the best practices in the industry. Take adventage of years of experience from the author.

Step By Step

WebSphere and Maximo are both massive and it's easy to get lost. This book will guide you to the detail so that nothing is left for you to guess.

Clustered Environment

Prepare an environment with load balancing and separate servers for integration, background tasks (cron), reporting and UI.

Fix Packs

Learn how to install official fix packs, hot fixes and third party applications in an efficient, safe way.


Learn how to use the Application Designer, Automation Scripts and others in order to bend Maximo to your needs in a maintainable way. No need to code!

Security Model

Understand Maximo's security model: users, security groups, LDAP, data restrictions...

LDAP Integration and Single Sign On

Integrate Maximo with your directory server and free your users from typing their password too many times.

Third Party Applications and Customizations

Learn how to manage third party applications and customizations installed in your system.

WebSphere Basics

Learn the basics of WebSphere to safely deploy and mantain a safe and performant Maximo system.

Performance and Usability Tips

Learn how to speed up Maximo and make it feel like home for your users.


Learn how to test your system to ensure the stability of your system and the integrity of your data.

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